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Mirrors and glass are great for defining room spaces, giving a room added depth and making it feel much larger, as well as allowing light to pass through or reflect off, brightening an otherwise dim space. When adding these features, keep in mind the proper scale and placement of a mirror are key to successfully incorporating it into your rooms design. Additionally, choosing the right type of glass and properly securing it are safety considerations that can not be ignored in any custom glass or mirror installation project. Do you know if you need tempered or annealed glass, what thickness is appropriate, and how to properly secure the glass? As the glass and mirror experts, Lake Norman Glass and Custom Closets will make sure the job is done correctly and safely. We take pride in our work and only use high quality materials, plus we can cut glass or mirror to fit almost any project. Lake Norman Glass also has a wide variety of textured glass to provide just the right amount of style and privacy you need.


Our customers use custom glass for a variety of purposes, such as interior design, for DIY projects, and for construction. Some places you can use custom glass:

  • Patio table tops

  • Antique furniture protectors

  • Cabinet glass

  • Replacement glass for accidents

  • Glass shelves

  • DIY, crafts, and design projects


Our customers love how versatile glass can be. From table tops to sneeze guards and retail shelving, there's nothing we can't do with glass!


Sometimes, you want a mirror that is exactly what you want: the shape, size, edges, and even color. The beauty of a custom glass mirror from Lake Norman Glass and Custom Closets is that you can customize to your exact specifications. When you order a custom mirror, we fabricate it right in our own facility. That means you get exactly what you want -- quickly!

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