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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. When buying or selling a house, it is often one of the main factors influencing your decision. A considerable amount of time will be spent showering, applying make-up, shaving, and so forth, all within the confines your bathroom. Why not make it a beautiful place to be.


Thanks to their metal frame, framed doors and enclosures are highly effective at keeping water where it belongs. The seals and sweeps that come with these doors mean that the door can be placed anywhere, even right next to or in front of the shower spray, without fear of leaks. With no need for highly polished edges, thicker glass and specialty hardware, framed enclosures also tend to cost less than frameless models. They also offer plenty of decorative glass options because the frame lends much of the support needed for the enclosure, so less strength is needed from the glass itself.

A Semi Frameless shower enclosure also has metal around the entire structure, but does not have metal around the entire door. This is a great option for spaces that typically need a fully framed shower enclosure but you want a frameless look and feel. 

The greatest advantage to using frameless

shower doors lies in the variety of design

options available. Frameless shower and

tub enclosures may come in any size or

style, allowing for optimal customization.

The doors open in or out based on layout and design needs. With no frames to get in the way, frameless doors provide a more open, airy look, making it easy to show off beautiful tiles and other finishes. The lack of frames also makes for easier cleaning.

This popular enclosure includes a smooth overhead rolling system and is ideal for both residential and large, multi unit projects. Available in widths up to 60", heights up to 80" and features a 3/8" glass thickness.

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