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Enduro- what? EnduroShield.

Imagine if all high traffic surfaces in your home were non-stick. No more scrubbing and no toxic chemicals; look after all your cleaning needs in one simple application. EnduroShield is a revolutionary easy clean coating that creates an ultra-long lasting invisible shield on all glass, ceramic or porcelain tile, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces.

This is how it works – the coating is a clear liquid that is sprayed onto the surface and polished in, creating a permanent* non-stick barrier that is both water and oil repellent, and resistant to corrosion, etching and staining.

Say what again? Less time cleaning? Sign me up! No more spending hours scrubbing soap scum on your shower doors and walls.

Enduro Shield provides these exceptional benefits: • Makes Cleaning A Breeze – a regular wipe over with a microfiber cloth is all it takes! • Reduces Cleaning Time – Reduces cleaning time by up to 90% • Superior Protection – against staining and etching from soap scum, hard water and lime scaling • Suitable For New Or Existing Glass Surfaces • ‘Once Only’ Application – permanently* bonds to the glass. Revitalizer products not required to maintain the coating • Environmentally Friendly – eliminates the need for harsh chemical.

Enduro Shield untreated vs. treated.

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